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How to keep your rings looking AMAZING

Gold retains its lustre over prolonged periods and will not chip, flake or corrode, but unfortunately, this does not mean that it is indestructible. It should be taken care of and preferably taken off when gardening and doing rough work.


Most gold jewellery can be cleaned in warm soapy water using a soft toothbrush, to remove the grease, dust and grit that fill the gaps around the stones. Gold also responds to a light rubbing with a rouge-impregnated cloth, which gives it a shine. DDS Direct Diamond Sales give these cloths to customers as gifts. DDS also has Ultra sonic cleaners for sale, to vibrate the dirt out of your ring.

When cleaning your jewellery, there is always a chance diamonds and stones may fall out. Always use a bowl of water to clean your jewellery, not the sink. Before emptying the bowl check the jewellery to make sure no stones have fallen out into the water.

Once you have cleaned and dried your piece of jewellery, you can check if diamonds are loose by shaking the jewellery close to your ear, listening for a very soft rattling sound. If you have one loose, you should be able to hear it. The loose stone will need to be tightened by the jeweller.

Your piece of jewellery should now be gleaming again with new sparkle!

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About Gold

Gold is measured in carats and is an indication of its purity, being 9 carats (9ct), 18ct, and 24ct. The purer the gold, the softer it is. Purer gold scratches and buckles easily with any kind of abrasion or force, whereas 9ct and 18ct are far more robust. 18ct and 24ct Gold will not discolour or tarnish and is not harmed by household chemicals, such as bleach and cleaning products, but lower carat gold such as 9ct can be attacked by corrosive chemicals due to the lower purity.

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Once a year, it is a great idea to get your rings professionally cleaned, polished and re-rhodium plated if it is white gold.

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BE AWARE! Some stones are quite 'soft' and others are particularly absorbent. Gemstones that fall into this category are; pearls, ivory, coral, turquoise, opal and amber. Care must be exercised when cleaning, not to scratch them or leave them soaking. They are also best stored in separate compartments of your jewellery box.

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Please remember DDS Direct Diamond Sales offers a life time cleaning service for rings purchased from DDS. Please feel free to call and come in at anytime for this free service.

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