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Can I re-use my old gold to make a new ring?

Round Up Your Old Gold

Many people have old jewellery and gold that they do not use; broken chatins, earrings and things that are not used anymore. Rather than leaving it sitting in a drawer, your old gold can be transformed into new jewellery, or the gold can be easily cashed in if it is lower quality.

Using old metal is slightly more labour intensive as the old pieces must be melted down and converted to wire or sheet metal before reusing.

The Difference between New Gold and Old Gold.

New Gold alloys contain primarily gold, silver and copper and trace amounts of other metals. These trace metals are added to prevent oxidation and to remove contaminates.

Old Gold usually has had these trace elements burnt off during the melting process.

Once they are gone, the metal alloy is unprotected and may act differently, having a redder appearance, or appear splotchy. The metal may develop porosity (Air bubbles) which appears as an area that won't quite polish properly. It can also be brittle and prone to cracking and splitting.

As long as the risks are known up front, and you will be happy even if it occurs, we are more than happy to re-use old gold.

Platinum recycling has similar issues. It has a much higher melting temperature and is difficult to melt down. Many older platinum pieces have been repaired or soldered using white gold solder, contaminating the metal, therefore making it very difficult to re-use.

What to do with my old Gold?

It very much depends on what the old gold is.

If it is old gold from handmade pieces of jewellery, it may be possible to melt down and reuse in a new piece of jewellery, preferably a fairly simple design.

If it is old gold which was originally cast or chain etc, the metal may be too contaminated, so cash it in for new gold.

Use your old stones

If your old jewellery has diamonds or coloured stones, we can incorporate them in your new design. At DDS Direct Diamond Sales, we make your jewellery on location in our studios, so you have total control over the design process.

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