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the 4 c's of white gold vs platinum

One of the most frequently asked questions I come across is "should I have my ring set in white gold or platinum?" There are pro's and con's for both metals and will depend on your lifestyle and budget, to help make that choice a little easier I have set out the 4 factors to consider.

Colour & Care

As white gold is made of a combination of yellow gold, silver, palladium, nickel and manganese you can never have pure white gold and it tends to have a slivery white colour to it. Often it is rhodium plated to give it a nice shiny white finish and should be re-dipped every year to help keep in looking white and brand new. Direct Diamond Sales offer this as an ongoing service as it gives us the opportunity to do a safety check on the setting and make sure no stones fallout.

Unlike white gold, platinum has a greyish white colour to it and will not fade to a yellow. It will however, lose its shiny finish and become quite dull over time. Some customers like the less shiny finish of platinum as the diamonds sparkle even more. Every couple of years you should have a platinum ring polished and cleaned but it won't ever need to be rhodium plated.


The greatest advantage of white gold to platinum is the price, you will pay around twice as much for platinum. As it is mined less and is a more dense metal than gold the price increases significantly. I would also recommend that you stay with the same metal as your engagement ring, do not buy a white gold engagement ring and a platinum wedding band as the colour difference will show.


In Australia most white gold jewellery is offered in 9kt or 18kt, in its most pure form gold is 24kt however, this is too soft for mounting jewellery and needs to be alloyed with other metals to increase its hardness. Platinum is soft but durable and much heavier than white gold, it will come down to your personal choice as to the price and weight of the jewellery you prefer. If you or your partner suffers from allergies platinum is hypoallergenic and unlike some white gold will not contain any nickel. Check with your jeweller for palladium rich white gold and nickel free if you suffer from allergies with jewellery.

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